Our Heart & Mind© Philosophy


Follow Your Heart

Our approach builds character as much as minds through individualized education, creative, and even a little risk taking.


Nourish Your Mind

We are all unique. How we learn, where our interest lie, and where we will go in life will lead each of us to our own success. 


Our primary focus is learning. Research has proven that the mind is learning at a quantum rate and we foster a child’s development through ambitious learning opportunities.

Modern Montessori

Founded in Montessori, we have created a unique and powerful program to inspire your child to learn and use their intrinsic motivation and natural curiosity.

Tailored Learning

It’s ok to want more. With a focus on kids as individuals, our teachers use a combination of traditional and personally created lessons to achieve academic success.


Our Heart and Mind© program fosters confidence by encouraging the right amount of risk in a safe environment. Working at your own pace proves invaluable now, and develops the executive function to exceed goals and reach true potential.


Every day children are given opportunities through class projects and activities to become the person they are truly meant to be.


We treasure silly moments with our kids because we know that’s what makes them smile and be excited for each new day at Young Explorers.


We believe in caring about people, doing the right thing, and making your own mark on the world.


How we work with others, our relationships and understanding of the world allows us to flourish.


Your family is our family. From special celebrations, to concerts and graduations, everyone is part of the cherished memories.


Through engaging in their community, children begin to understand that they are empowered to effect change and make decisions that benefit the greater good.


Shared moments, experiences and activities nurture the bond that fosters lifelong friendships.


Here, everyone matters. Relationships big and small are built on trust and understanding. Giving a hug, providing encouragement, and being there for a friend is part of who we are.


Our Manifesto

We believe in taking risks and being there, no matter what. We believe education starts with heart. We believe relationships big and small are built on trust. We believe standards are the beginning and potential lies far beyond. We believe everyone matters. We believe kids are the future and encompass all good things. We believe, in kids.

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